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Joan Bigwood


"Joan Bigwood has written a bright, insightful novel, which is laugh-out-loud funny. An honest wry sensibility keeps her characters interesting and complex as they deal with the unexpected twists and turns of life."  

                                                                                 Stephen Pritzker, PhD (Former writer for the Mary Tyler Moore Show)

Check out an interview with Joan about her book.     

Or just read what she had to say this morning about Co-opted, her first novel.

"People want to know all sorts of things after reading my novel. They ask which character do I most identify with and I struggle not to correct that dangling preposition.  They ask if I have a writing regimen and I answer if you call sneaking off to write when you are supposed to be cooking a regimen, then yes I did, when writing Co-opted. I developed a different regimen for the subsequent projects, starting with divorce."

So who is Joan in the book? "Everybody got about an eighth of me. Francesca got my wile, Alex got my longing to make a difference, Lee got my perfect body (ha!) and Mac got the nickname of a woman I met in 1985 in South Africa. I loved her instantly and so I forgive Mac much. 

Do you emulate any particular style? Nope. That would be copying and I don't agree with copying. That said, I am Nabokovian in one way and one way only; I drop little japes and nods in my writing, sometimes just to crack myself up, or to make a friend from grade school laugh. I do that as often as possible.  I use family names from way back when because those days hold great appeal for me.  We loved fiercely and dramatically long before it was age appropriate. We spun the bottle with a fervor you don't see outside a tent revival. (I just stole that clause from my own work.) I used to say through my 20's that I peaked romantically in middle school because it was true.  Thank God there are those who identify with that ardent time as much as I do and he married me on an island in the Atlantic to prove it.

It was envy that got me here. I saw a man laugh out loud reading P.G. Wodehouse on a train and I thought I want to make people laugh out loud.

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