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Joan Bigwood


Actor, director, impressaria, non-profit founder (Neighborhood Arts) , Editor-in-Chief (Rhyming Tributes), poet, playwright, novelist and public speaker, Joan can't seem to leave words alone.  Says Joan,  "All fiction writers are liars. The good ones just don't get caught." Joan is a big fat liar.  She famously proclaimed that she wanted to write one piece in every genre before she chose which one to pursue as a career. "Like Paul Hindemith, who wrote a sonata for every instrument in the orchestra. Or at least I think he did. But," she added, "I will never write a novel. I am not nearly patient enough." Oh really?

Joan has produced an award-winning novel, with another, lesser known, in process.  She has optioned a film for television (Talking the Moon), she wrote a poem that won a fabulous prize (a first-class trip for two to Paris, sponsored by Givenchy) when she was tweny-three (old enough to remember every exquisite detail but young enough to be bedazzled); she has written a stage play (Or Current Resident), currently under development at Squeaky Bicycle Productions, scheduled for production in their 2017-2018 season in NYC; a musical comedy (Hats Off!), under development at Theatre Workshop of Nantucket; a newspaper column in the Palo Alto Daily News, a speech for Gerhard Casper (former president of Stanford University), hmmm, let's see...and most of her thank-you notes.  She has always loved words.  She spent her youth collecting words, in several Romance languages. This allows her to converse at a preschool level with much of Europe and that has fed her, along with the nine years she spent living in the UK after college.  Also the semester in Paris. And all the stuff that happened in the US was pretty formative too. Just not as fancy.

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